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The business is a family affair, and we are crazy about our dogs. In total we now have 13! We've always had dogs in our households and we'd never be without them. Over the years some of those dogs have evidenced to us that some commercially produced dog foods available by the larger companies are just not good enough and don't give them everything they need to stay healthy.


The dogs are our passion and the reason Fergusa is here today. 

Providing a healthy and balanced diet for all of our dogs is a must. Each one of our pack deserves to live a long and healthy life.

All our dog food is endorsed and taste tested by our own dogs.


Meet them all below, and yes they really are all ours!

Our Dogs

Our Vision and Our Promise To You

To make healthy eating for our best friends easy and economical with as much fun and great flavour thrown in.


Our dogs are our passion and the

drive for this business. We want

what every dog owner wants,

healthy dogs who live

long healthy lives.



Fergus is a pedigree wolfhound, his calm nature and relaxed attitude makes him perfect as a Pet for Therapy dog.



She was chained up in Cyprus and left. The owner wasn't interested in her. She is a thick coated Swedish Lapphund. A rescue charity were desperate to get her re-homed as she was living in 45 degree heat. How could we resist.


Cody is a very unusual dog. He loves to hug you, literally. He is very loving, but with an unclear past as an abandoned dog.



A Pedigree Irish Wolfhound. A giddy little chap who is growing up really well.



Abandoned outside a pound in Cyprus, Ripley had a broken leg. We donated to help her, but then decided to adopt her. Her past is unclear but she appears to have been abused and beaten. She is loving and adorable in return for her rescue. 



She is our champagne princess. She barks, shes mad but she can be a right sweetie! She is a pedigree German Shepherd who was raised by 3 children leading to her unique look on life.


We were going to foster Obi, but he used to be chained up with Elsa in Cyprus. When he arrived it was so clear he remembered Elsa and we couldn't bear to separate them.



Sully had a hectic life and so we were contacted to see if we could offer him at home. He was about 5 months old when he came to us.



Abandoned at 4 weeks old, he was our first rescue. We couldn't see him go to the pound at that age



6 Months old and we were her 4th home. Settled with us she is our 'wrecking ball' beware your knees around this girl!



Coming from a secure home, but he'd developed an issue with children and was becoming a problem. We took him on. Never thought we'd have a shih tzu but we love our little fuzz ball.



She is a Pedigree Irish Wolfhound. A very energetic girl.



She was a long standing Foster dog with us. She was re-homed recently. On day 4 she was returned to us. We cannot say what the issue was, but she came back a very nervous dog, so we start again.... She is now staying, it clearly is too stressful trying to re-home her.

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