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Our cat & dog treat range has a high meat content, up to 80%! A really nutritious way to treat your pet.

Grain Free Range

Why it's the best selling >

Our best range, with up to 60% freshly prepared meat content. NO fillers or grains and a wide range of vegetables and fruits to add much needed nutrition into your dogs diet.


Veterinary approved recipes with no colourants or preservatives and added omega 3 + 6 supplements.

Natural Range

Hypoallergenic Foods >

Made without dairy, soya, beef, pork, eggs, wheat or wheat gluten as these are believed to be some of the most common causes of food allergies in dogs. Our recipes contain only freshly prepared turkey, lamb and white fish. 

Veterinary approved, with NO preservatives or colourants.

Super Premium

Hypoallergenic, & Well Balanced >>

Super Premium is also hypoallergenic, made without wheat or wheat gluten. Made with the finest raw materials it's a fantastic range of food.


Check out the kibble with added Allergy-X and Verm-X for those extra special dogs with additional needs.

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