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Puppy Love

We've all been so busy, new dogs, ongoing dog training, and then Kacey arrived!

Kacey was born on 2nd April 2017. She was the smallest puppy, and the breeder being very experienced didn't expect her to survive. Despite that initial thought she was not given up on, and was kept warm and fed milk from her mum with added colostrum every 20 minutes for nearly 4 weeks!

Kacey was not listed for sale at first, mainly as the breeder didn't feel she was ready to re-home, if at all. She eventually did catch up with her litter mates in size and in conversations with the breeder we were lucky enough to be considered as her new owners.

How could we say no, we had always wanted a wheaten Irish Wolfhound, and we felt we understood her needs and could provide her the best grain free food and lots of love.

It was somewhat of a long drive to pick Kacey up, and we had gone down the day before to meet her. We'd spent a few hours playing with her and talking to the breeder about the routine Kasey had been used to. We collected her the following morning and made our way back home - it was an emotional separation.

Her pedigree name is Quicksilver Kacey of Madalinca, and isn't she beautiful!

It was a slow process introducing her to the rest of our pack, Fergus, Kitty and Angus, these big floppy wolfhound puppies are surprisingly delicate at this stage and can't sustain the type of puppy play that some other breeds may cope with and certainly not with such big pack members to play with.

We feed Kacey on our large breed, junior salmon and potato, and she is doing really well and showing no signs of her small and weak start in life.

So who knows what life ahead holds for Kacey, winning rosettes perhaps? Certainly a good diet, a comfy bed and plenty of cuddles and affection. We will enjoy this puppy phase as much as possible, because they grow up so fast.

The Fergusa Family

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