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Happy New Year!

2017 has been fantastic! We've loved bringing Fergusa to life, and we are happy to say 2018 is looking to be very promising. The food has been really well received and promoted by some of the best dog breeders in the UK. We are thrilled to connect with others who value the food given to their best friends as much as we do.

In the coming year we will be introducing other receipies and new flavours including venison! Our treat range will expand and until everything appears in our online shop you can always call us to find out what can be ordered over the phone before it goes live on the website.

We hope you all enjoyed seeing Fergus on the BBC this year! I'm sure some of you didn't know his other role as a therapy dog. He has even helped with a grandchild in the family who is autistic. He has grown up around Fergus and the other dogs in this family giving him affection and in many ways helping him deal with the world around him.

In our personal lives we've fostered and helped re-home 4 dogs with another 2 adopted, you've already met Casey in our first blog.

It looks like another dog is joining part of the Fergusa family as a foster placement soon. A rescue dog who, for whatever reason has not settled in her new home. She bites, out of fear. We hope that our balanced pack can help rehabilite her. We won't be doing much with her. We've found from previous experience with a similar dog like this is to ignore them initially, it reduces their stress and tension when meeting new people. She will come to us when she is ready. We firmly believe that a healthy diet will be important in this process, reducing stress and minimising excess energy/hyperactivity from colourants and additives.

As you can see, we love dogs, and we are passionate about their welfare and health. Bringing Fergusa to life this year and connecting with like minded people, supplying great food without the silly price tags is so important to us. By buying Fergusa you're helping us improve our range and bring your dogs more great tastes. Follow the stories of our and our fostered dogs on our website or facebook page.

To our customers this year we hope your dogs love the treats they got sent. Your custom is really appreciated.

The Fergusa Team

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